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Secrets of Billionaires

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"Secrets of Billionaires"
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The true secret to becoming a billionaire is to develop a billionaire mindset and grow into billionaireship over time through experience. Overnight wealth always flies away nearly as quickly as it arrives.

Becoming a billionaire is a process in which you first become a ten-aire, then an hundred-aire, a thousand-aire, a ten thousand-aire, an hundred thousand-aire and so on until you reach billionaire status.

Each step up the ladder is a new stage of financial growth that will bring new experiences and challenges that one must overcome and master in order to move to the next level. Strategies that work well for investing $100 will likely be completely worthless when trying to invest $1,000,000.

Income generation strategies, tax strategies, priniciple preservations strategies, investment strategies, and so forth, must be learned or developed as you grow financially.

If a person wants to become a billionaire they should first work on moving to the next level from where they are now. Do you know what your net worth is right now? If not it is unlikely you are an hundred thousand-aire or above.

One also needs to consider several factors in advancing financially. The biggest and most important question you must answer is WHY? Why must you become a billionaire? If you do not have a compelling reason that drives you to action on an ongoing basis, you will not make it unless it is by accident. (A suprising percentage of those who become millionaires do so by accident, as a result of striving to achieve other goals such as owning their own home and putting away enough to retire comfortably.)

Another factor is to create a billionaire mindset. This will be the most difficult part if you do not have a billionaire mentor because the daily experiences, decisions and so forth that a billionaire has will be unimaginable to someone who does not have regular exposure to them. A person becomes a billionaire when they think and act like a billionaire.

You can bet that Donald Trump thinks different things are important than a person whose net worth is only $100. The reason the Donald was able to rebound back up to billionaire status so quickly after going bankrupt is that he thinks differently than people who normally deal in smaller terms. Get your thinking right and the money will just naturally flow to you.

While I am personally in the works to achieve hundred thousand-aire status at the moment I have the good fortune of being closely associated with several millionaires, and it has been through my association with them that I have learned many strategies that I am now employing to advance to the next level personally. I believe at this point that helping other people make money is a key factor to rising through the stages of financial growth, as that is a model donald Trump uses.

Give enough people what they want and need and they will give you all the money you could ever want or need.

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