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How to Survive without a Bank Account

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"How to Survive without a Bank Account"
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How can you survive without a bank account these days? It seems like everyone has a bank account that they use in order to save money, or just have a place to store their money where they won't lose it. However, what happens when you don't have a bank account? How do you do even the simple things like cash a check, or accept money from an online transaction?

If you happen to work online and get paid through Paypal, there are ways that you can get your money without having a bank account. While it is often easier to have the money deposited into a bank account, you can get a prepaid card from Paypal that will put the money that you earn onto that card, and you can use that card in order to use the money from your account.

What about cashing checks? Cashing checks is a little more painful without a bank account because you are going to have to pay fees in order to cash your checks, and have to drive to the store simply to cash a check. However, you can easily cash a check as long as you have some sort of ID on you and are willing to pay the fees associated with cashing a check.

The only downside to not having a bank account is that you are going to have to use cash almost exclusively. You will be able to get a credit card most likely, but debit and checking accounts are just other forms of bank accounts. While not having a savings account might not preclude you from a checking account, not having a bank account will in most cases not allow you to sign up for a traditional checking account, and therefore a debit card.

This also means that if someone gives you a check for a holiday, or for payment, you have to make sure that check isn't made out to you. If it is made out to you, the store, or wherever else you go to cash it, won't be able to accept the check because they won't be able to cash it later on. Make sure that you have a family member of friend who could give you cash.

A person can survive without a bank account, but it might be easier to just go start one. You get the benefits of interest on your savings and you can start a checking account and deposit your pay right to your account. However, if you choose not to get one, there are still options out there for you.

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