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How to Safely Store Cash in your Home

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"How to Safely Store Cash in your Home"
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Storing cash in your home can be very risky. It isn't like a credit card that you can put a stop payment on if someone steals it. If a fire happens, your cash can go up in smoke and you will have no way of replacing it. The safest way to store your money is to keep it in a bank. If, for some reason, you choose or need to store cash in your home, there are ways to do it safely.

Here are some ways to store cash safely in your home:

Fireproof safe- These safes aren't expensive and can be attached to a floor, drawer or other areas of the home that you wish to put it in. They are fireproof so you don't lose the contents if a fire occurs. There are several models that allow you to choose between sizes. There are also waterproof safes available in case you live in an area that floods easily or is prone to water storms.

Diversion Safes- Diversion safes are a great way to hide your money from thieves. There are several choices to keep your cash safe. You can choose anything from a beer can to a Pringles can. Thieves won't be able to tell the difference between these safes and the product that it says it is. The cans are the same weight as the product. For instance, a can that appears to be a beer weighs the same as a real can of beer and even has the liquid sound if you shake it up.

Picture frame safe- These picture frames give your home a classy touch as well as keeping your cash safe. They are a little pricy, but can be well worth the cost if you keep cash or other valuables around your home. The safe is built into the picture. It gives no clue to would-be thieves that it could possibly contain valuables.

Make your own safe- If you don't want to spend extra money on purchasing a safe for your cash and you are crafty, you can make your own. It isn't difficult to successfully put together this safe and your money will be safe from someone who would rather have the cash in his/her pocket. The money will be well hidden from everyone.

Book Safe- You can purchase a book to hide your money in. These safes are good for hiding cash while keeping access to it easy. If you want to spend minimal money on a safe, this is the way to go. It will keep you cash safer than putting it in the sock drawer and can sit out in the wide open. Fill the book with your cash and slip the book into your bookshelves among your real books. It does make the job of any thieves much more difficult.

It is important to take steps to keep your cash safe if you are storing it in your home. Thieves will go through your things very quickly. They know all the tricks. Making their job harder is as simple as making them take longer to find it. One thing a thief doesn't have is a lot of time.


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