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How to Obtain Food Stamps in Georgia

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"How to Obtain Food Stamps in Georgia"
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With todays economy, it has become increasingly hard for families to make ends meet. Many are going without the basic necessities of life such as food and shelter. Even the elderly are having to choose between purchasing food for that month or purchasing necessary medication and medical supplies. Fortunately the state of Georgia offers a food stamp program that may give qualified families a helping hand. This article will discuss what the Georgia Food Stamp Program is and how one can obtain food stamps in Georgia.

First let's establish what the food stamp program is. The Georgia Food Stamp Program provides monthly benefits to low-income households to help them pay for the cost of food. The program also provides valuable education and information to those house holds receiving food stamps to promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, training and employment opportunities (for single childless adults); and outreach activities that promote the advantages of the program to communities and low-income individuals.

How do I apply (obtain) for food stamps in Georgia? There are four ways to apply:

1.) You can go to your local County Department to apply.

2.) You can have someone get an application form for you.

3.) You can call your local County Department to request that an application be sent to you.

4.) You can download and print the blank application found on the website at (www.dfcs.dhr.georgia.gov/food stamp.

The forms are very simple to fill out. It is vital that you try to complete the entire application and give your address or telephone number so that the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) can contact you. Once you've completed the form you can mail, fax, or turn in the application in person to your local County department. (visit www.dfcs.georgia.gov/locations to find the address and telephone number of your local department).

What happens next?- Once your signed and dated application arrives to the DFCS office, it is filed. Although your application can be accepted by any DFCS office in the state of Georgia, it's best that it be filed at your local County Department. Once your application is filed you or a member of your household (a household may be one person living alone, or a family, or several unrelated individuals living together who purchases and prepare meals together on a regular basis.) ;or someone authorized to make application for your household; must be interviewed by a staff member of DFCS.

What happens in the interview?- The Case Worker assigned to you will ask questions about your household income resources rent or mortgage and utility costs. Certain households may be asked about childcare, child support expenses and medical expenses. Once it has been determined whether you are eligible or not, your application will be processed within 30 days from the date your application is filed by your Case Worker. If your household has little or no income and meets with specific criteria your application must be processed within 5 days.

Soon after, a notice is sent out stating whether the household is eligible for food stamp benefits and the amount of benefits the household will receive, how long they will receive them and when they will have to reapply. This is just a summarization on the basic steps you can take to obtain food stamps in Georgia. For more detailed information you can visit (http://dfcs.dhr.georgia.gov.

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