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How to Make your Wife Change her Spending Habits

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"How to Make your Wife Change her Spending Habits"
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How to make your wife change her spending habits is a conundrum that millions of men have puzzled over and wrestled with for centuries. The spending habits of a wife has been the butt of jokes in countless writing and TV productions, it has been branded about and discussed in bars and pubs across the world: the definitive answer has yet to be created but there are at least some methods by which a frustrated and financially disadvantaged husband can try to achieve this affect.

The first step in trying to make your wife change her spending habits is by reasoning with her. There may be many who say that they have already tried this on countless occasions to no avail but there may be some aspects of the procedure which they have not considered and a further attempt may therefore prove justified.

The over-riding factor in this aspect of trying to make your wife change her spending habits depends entirely upon financial openness between husband and wife. If your wife does not know for example how much you earn or where much of your earnings are spent, she is going to be somewhat in the dark as to the need to change her spending habits. It may be therefore a lack of communication over financial issues between husband and wife which is partly to blame for the problem.

You should sit down with your wife, therefore, and go over such as your income, your bank statements and your credit card statements. Show her how her undisciplined spending is having an adverse affect on your overall financial circumstances rather than telling her. Reason with her by coming up with creative ideas as to how you could enjoy a much better lifestyle together if she cuts back on unnecessary spending and ensure that you follow through on these promises if she keeps her part of the bargain.

The second way in which you can make your wife change her spending habits is by going with her to the places where she generally engages in the over-spending. This could cover a multitude of sins but if the problem happens to be the supermarket each week when grocery shopping, for example, the issue could very easily be resolved in this way.

The more drastic ways in which to make your wife change her spending habits would include such as having her authorised user card on your credit card account cancelled. This will of course depend on the circumstances of each couple's financial affairs but very often credit card accounts are in the husband's sole name. You should be warned, however, that this should be considered a last resort as your wife is not likely to take kindly to such a measure.

You should know therefore that you are not alone in trying to determine how to make your wife change her spending habits and that millions of men before you have tried and failed. The best advice is to never give up, keep trying as best you can and, who knows, maybe simple perseverance on your part will pay off in the end.

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