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How to keep Warm Inside your House on a Winter Day without Running up your Electric Bill

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"How to keep Warm Inside your House on a Winter Day without Running up your Electric Bill"
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With the cold winter approaching one needs to start and prepare to keep heating bills low. The cost of a heating bill can be astronomical. By getting reading for the cold weather you can save quite a bit of money on your heating bill.


Houses often have drafts allowing the hot air to sneak out and the cold air to enter the house. Ensuring these spots of your house are properly insulated will help keep your heating bill lower. You can purchase roping caulk for the windows to seal any leaks they may have. Another method is to buy a film to cover the windows and use a blow dryer to seal them. For doors you can make a stopper or buy one that prevents the cold air from coming in underneath.


If you have a fireplace this is a great way to keep your heating bill low. Many fireplaces can heat much of the house. Also, having a fire will gather the family in one room to stay warm. This is a wonderful way to bring the family together and enjoy each other’s company.

Space heaters

If you and your family spend much of your time in one room a space heater will be an immense reduction in your heating bill. This will heat only the room you are instead of paying for heating the entire house. With space heaters you need to be careful as they can be fire hazards.


Don’t walk around the house in light clothing. Layer your clothing while you are at home. Wear warm clothes: sweaters, sweats suits or flannel shirts. You will find yourself much warmer. You can also use blankets to keep you warm while sitting on the couch.


When the cold weather is here cooking is a wonderful way to keep the house warm.  Making some of your favorite dishes will help heat the house. Once you are done cooking, keep the oven open to let the heat spread through the kitchen.


Having an energy efficient thermostat will help you save a large amount on your electric bill. Set your thermostat to one or two degrees lower than you would normally keep it. You can also set the timer so the thermostat turns off when no one is home or for a few hours in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

If you make just a few changes with your daily habits you can see a significant reduction with your electric bill during the winter and still stay warm.  Enjoy the cold months and the extra money you save.

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