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Car insurance is a blessing, but also a headache. Between fine print, constant updating, and elusive wording - who knows what covers what anymore. If you're planning to go to Europe and want to take your sweet ride or buy a new one or just want to cruise the autobahn - you should consider a possible scenario:

Can Americans get auto insurance in Europe? Sadly, most American providers do not provide them. Depending on the company, a few provide coverage in parts of Canada, but sadly that is not the intended destination. However, do not despair, there are a few exceptions.

In this busy and competitive market, a few do cater to would be travelers. Geico offers overseas insurance and even has some offices in Europe. Also, Clements and Janette International are options as well. They all have different plans, and coverage, so research ones that best suit your situation. Be sure to get many quotes.

Additionally, if you're renting a car, be sure to pay the insurance on it. And know exactly what it covers. If you're driving to several different countries, be sure they are insured in them. Coverage is usually the same as the states, but with levels required for that particular area. Pay any extra costs for more indemnity. You don't want to skimp on coverage, especially in another country! Sometimes, renting a car is the best option - instead of buying or public transportation. Again, it is all according to your preference.

And if you're wanting to get insurance from a European company, it is easy, as long as you have a mailable European address. If you have your I.D. and passport, most companies are accommodating. You can also ask a European friend if he will add you to his. Which could make things cheaper. Contrast and compare though.

Plan on the insurance being really expensive. But a much needed necessity. Especially if you're shipping your car over there - as they will insure your car on it's journey. And well, anything can happen. Just try to find the one that is right for you, but otherwise, getting insurance for your oversea road trip should not be hard.

I would advice you seek out help from a travel agency as they do have auto insurance plans and will know what exactly to get. They might even be cheaper to the ones stated above. And don't forget! If you plan on cruising to several different European countries - make sure your auto insurance covers it. Happy travelin'!

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