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Best Places for Hiding Money at Home

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"Best Places for Hiding Money at Home"
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Best places for hiding money at home

Saving up for a little get away or a special something? If you're not into using a traditional savings account, then consider hiding your money at home. Before banks even existed, straw mattresses were used to hide cash by people to store their life savings, For some odd reasons this custom changed with advent of the banking industry. People could deposit their hard earned money into an account and receive a small amount of interest for allowing the bank to borrow it while it's there. Unfortunately, if the bank was robbed or fell on hard times the account holder was out his money. In those early days of banking, deposits were not insured. Banks were not the safe places to keep money back then as they are today.

Today, nearly all banks have accounts insured by the federal government and are considered to be the preferred places to keep money. People who are still mistrustful of banks, or for some other personal reasons, prefer to keep their money hidden in secret hiding places in their home, need to know where the best hiding places are.

If you happen to be one of those people who doesn't like using banks for saving or keeping their hard earned cash, here is a list of great hiding places for money in your own home.

1. In containers of food. According to professional thieves, food containers are one of the best places in the home to secretly store cash.

2. In a favorite book on your bookshelf. Choose a book that you know no one else will want to read. Using a box cutter or other device cut out enough pages to hide your money. Ensure that the changes that you've made to the book are not visible to the eye when the book is closed and placed back on the bookshelf.

3. A pre-made false wall that you've built in a more discreet area of your home.

4. Stash that cash in the pocket of an old suit or dress with a pocket. How about inside the pocket of an old pair of worn jeans folded inside a dresser drawer?

5. Underneath a tacked down carpet inside of a closet or underneath a piece of furniture.

Wherever you decide to hide your money make sure that it isn't placed in one of those more obvious places or a place where a thief will consider looking first to find valuables. Do not ever hide money or valuables in something valuable. Expensive items may be the first thing a burglar may take when breaking into your home, so never hide money inside something worth a lot of money. Other obvious places that could be searched by a thief are under the mattress, in a drawer, or in a wallet. Avoid pillow cases, shoe boxes, and jewelry boxes as places to keep money or other valuables.

Your money would be much safer if you can think like a burglar when you hide it. Look around the inside of your home and discover potential hiding places to secure your money. What types of items might a thief steal? Once you have realized which items in your home might be targets for theft and which ones would not, hide your valuable cash in something that is not a target for theft.

The best hiding places for money in the home are not just the most secure places, they are also places which can easily be remembered. What good does it do to find the best place to securely store your cash if you can't even remember where you put it?

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